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Exfoliante De Azúcar | Sugar Scrub

Our Exfoliante de Azúcar sugar body scrub is the perfect way to slough off dead skin cells and reveal the vibrant, glowing skin beneath. This all-natural scrub is made with natural organic raw sugar, coconut oil, babassu oil, olive oil and shea butter for a luxurious, nourishing experience. The delightful oatmeal, milk and honey scent will leave your skin smelling as great as it looks!

Exfoliante De Azúcar | Sugar Scrub

SKU: 0005
    • Pure Organic Olive Oil
    • Pure Organic Coconut Oil
    • Vitamin E
    • Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil
    • Natural Organic Raw Sugar
    • Natural Organic Granulated Sugar
    • Pure Organic Babassu Oil
    • Natural Shea Butter
    • Organic Lemon Powder
    • Poppy Seeds
    • Honey
    • Oatmeal
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